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GFBot - robots that interface with Internet Chess Servers (i.e. FICS, USCL, ICC).

  • AnalyzeBot - robot that analyzes games online using crafty
  • BabelBot - robot that translates languages online
  • FaceBot - robot that tracks "interface" statistics
  • FigBot - robot that displays "figlet" ascii text
  • PlayBot - robot that acts as a team captain possibly with human intervention
  • PGNBot - robot that collects PGN output from games
  • RoomBot - robot that manages private channels
  • VoteBot - robot that lets users vote on topics with online management

The current package version of GFBot is v5.1. The modules are released under the Lesser GNU Public License.

Note that running this program is intended for those familiar with both Internet Chess Servers and console environments. (Bots such as VoteBot and RoomBot that are multi-user are run by one person, but used by many other people connected to the ICS.)


GFBot copyright (C) 1998-2001 Karl Chen, et al.
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